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Vision Thai: The Premier Chinese Media Brand Focused on Thailand. Established in 2014, we’ve achieved numerous milestones, leading in traffic and reach as Thailand’s top Chinese media outlet.

“Vision Thai 看見泰國” is your gateway to connect with a diverse Chinese-speaking audience interested in Thailand.

About us

Vision Thai

Established in 2014, “Vision Thai 看見泰國” is Thailand’s leading Chinese-language online media platform. With a bilingual interface and diverse content distributed across various channels, our audience includes Chinese expatriates in Thailand, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, as well as tourists interested in Thailand.

We provide diverse content, ranging from news to lifestyle recommendations, exclusively through our own channels. Collaborations with Yahoo, LINE TODAY, Google News, and top Chinese platforms like Toutiao, Bilibili, Sohu, and Ctrip expand our reach. With a strong presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LINE, Weibo, WeChat, and Xiaohongshu, we proudly hold the distinction of being the exclusive Chinese media outlet in Thailand with the Facebook Blue Verification Badge.

Furthermore, our video platform has garnered over 15 million views, establishing us as Thailand’s most-viewed Chinese media and earning us the YouTube Silver Creator Awards.

About us


“Vision Thai 看見泰國,” established in 2014 by Ter (Chit Lee) and Angel Chen, is Thailand’s premier Chinese-language online media platform. Chit Lee’s journey began in 2001 as an expatriate in Thailand when he noticed the lack of comprehensive Chinese information about Thailand. After leaving his role as the head of a Thai subsidiary of a Taiwanese-listed company, he, along with Angel Chen, who has a background in the digital media marketing industry, founded Vision Thai 看見泰國 to fill this gap, providing a comprehensive information platform for the Chinese-speaking audience interested in Thailand.

Today, Vision Thai 看見泰國 celebrates a decade of success and has expanded its offerings to include the “Chinese 101 brand,” providing integrated marketing solutions for clients looking to enter the Chinese-speaking market. This visionary couple continues to lead Vision Thai 看見泰國, setting new standards in the Chinese-language media landscape.

Thailand’s Top Chinese Media with 8 Outstanding Features.


Bilingual Interface

Thailand’s only Chinese media offering both Traditional and Simplified Chinese interfaces, reaching a widened audience.


Speed & Efficiency

Ranked first in Google PageSpeed Insights among Chinese media in Thailand.


Content Reach

With 9,000 indexed pages on Google and 6,000 on Baidu, it is Thailand’s most searchable Chinese website.


Social Media Prowess

The highest Facebook following and the only Chinese media in Thailand received the Blue Verification Badge.


Video Engagement

Over 15 million video views across platforms, the most viewed Chinese media in Thailand.


Cross-Platform Dominance

Ranked first in cross-platform traffic among Chinese media in Thailand, setting a benchmark in audience reach and engagement.


YouTube Recognition

Sole recipient of the YouTube Silver Creator Awards.


Media Alliance Strength

Our media boasts the largest distribution channel among mainstream media, maximizing visibility through our extensive network.

Our Clients

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