Traffic Sources

Main Website

Loyal Audience Engagement

47% of our audience, including 20% from social media, 9% from media partners, and 18% as direct visitors, are our loyal readers, deeply engaged with our media brand and content.

Dominating the Online Search Landscape

53% of our traffic comes from organic searches, showcasing our strong SEO. We are the preferred source for Chinese-speaking audiences seeking Thailand-related content, be it for business or leisure.

Vision Thai boosts its presence through multi-platform content distribution, including our website, social media, and partnerships with outlets like Yahoo and LINE TODAY. This strategy significantly enhances our SEO, as evidenced by our content consistently ranking in the top six search results, covering articles, YouTube videos, and more.

Our Media Status

Web Traffic

3 M


Average ranking 8.4 in Google Search.

400K Monthly Unique Users (UU).

1M Monthly Pageviews (PV).

1.9M PV/m from media partners.

Ranked 1st with 9,000 “Google Indexed Pages” among Chinese websites in Thailand.

Ranked 1st with “6,000 Articles Indexed” on Baidu among Chinese websites in Thailand.

General Social Media

620 K


2.3 K


Top FB Page Followings for Chinese media in Thailand.

Sole recipient of the Facebook Blue Verification Badge.

Social Media in Mainland China

320 K


4.3 K


72 K


Video Platform

500 K


Leading Chinese media in Thailand with 15M video views.

Thailand’s only Chinese media channel was awarded the YouTube Silver Creator Award.

Cover audiences in Mainland China via Bilibili and Xigua.

Our Media Partners

Our media boasts the largest news distribution channel among global Chinese news media.

Thailand’s Top Chinese Media with 8 Outstanding Features.


Bilingual Interface

Thailand’s only Chinese media offering both Traditional and Simplified Chinese interfaces, reaching a widened audience.


Speed & Efficiency

Ranked first in Google PageSpeed Insights among Chinese media in Thailand.


Content Reach

With 9,000 indexed pages on Google and 6,000 on Baidu, it is Thailand’s most searchable Chinese website.


Social Media Prowess

The highest Facebook following and the only Chinese media in Thailand received the Blue Verification Badge.


Video Engagement

Over 15 million video views across platforms, the most viewed Chinese media in Thailand.


Cross-Platform Dominance

Ranked first in cross-platform traffic among Chinese media in Thailand, setting a benchmark in audience reach and engagement.


YouTube Recognition

Sole recipient of the YouTube Silver Creator Awards.


Media Alliance Strength

Our media boasts the largest distribution channel among mainstream media, maximizing visibility through our extensive network.